Schools, workplaces & community

Public places

Colorado is under a Stay-at-Home Order. All but essential businesses are closed. Learn more here.



Social gatherings currently are prohibited.


Schools currently are closed.

Health facilities

Nursing, assisted living and intermediate care facilities are closed to non-essential persons. Call your facility to learn about virtual technologies that allow family to visit.

Public health orders and recommendations to protect our communities

We understand these recommendations affect people’s lives. Colorado makes these recommendations in consultation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our partner agencies based on the best and most recent information we have to protect the public.

Workplaces and businesses including restaurants
Event and community gatherings

Social gatherings of any size currently are prohibited. 

Schools and child care

Schools currently are closed. Please contact your school or district for information about reopening.

Nursing, assisted living and intermediate care facilities
  • Non-essential travel currently is prohibited.
Water and COVID-19