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Colorado’s dial framework standardizes different levels of “openness” at the county level. It is a tool for counties to use to make life during the pandemic more sustainable, allowing us to balance, to the greatest extent possible, controlling the virus with our social and economic needs. 

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Press release | January 18, 2021

State launches COVID-19 vaccine informational campaign

CDPHE launched the “Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Facts” campaign today to convey that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective. The campaign reinforces that Coloradans should rely on CDPHE and other reliable sources for information about the vaccines.

Press release | January 22, 2021

State adds new data metrics to vaccine dashboard

CDPHE announced that as of 4 p.m. today the vaccine data dashboard will include additional metrics. The dashboard will now include vaccine administration by race/ethnicity, age group, and sex.

Press release | January 21, 2021

CDPHE to discontinue Curative testing for residential care facilities and other congregate settings

Effective Jan. 21, CDPHE will no longer be using Curative testing in residential care facilities-- as well as in correctional facilities, homeless shelters, and other congregate settings. 

Press release | January 17, 2021

CDPHE sends vaccination providers update

The state continues to move through its phased COVID-19 vaccination plan as quickly as supplies allow, getting vaccines to providers throughout Colorado.

Executive order | January 20, 2021

Reference number: D 2021 020

Extending Executive Orders D 2020 260 and D 2020 286 Authorizing the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to Order Hospitals and Freestanding Emergency Departments to Transfer or Cease the Admission of Patients to Respond to the Current COVID-19 Disaster Emergency in Colorado

Executive order | January 19, 2021

Reference number: D 2021 019

Declaring a Disaster Emergency and Authorizing Employment of the Colorado National Guard to Assist with Potential Civil Unrest in Colorado

Executive order | January 16, 2021

Reference number: D 2021 018

Extending Executive Orders D 2020 011, D 2020 029, D 2020 052, D 2020 084, D 2020 093, D 2020 118, D 2020 147, D 2020 173, D 2020 201, D 2020 229, D 2020 257, and D 2020 283 Concerning the Temporary Suspension of Certain Regulatory Statutes Due to the Presence of COVID-19




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