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Colorado’s dial framework standardizes different levels of “openness” at the county level. It is a tool for counties to use to make life during the pandemic more sustainable, allowing us to balance, to the greatest extent possible, controlling the virus with our social and economic needs. 

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Press Release | April 13, 2021

Colorado pauses use of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after joint FDA and CDC announcement

In response to the joint CDC and FDA announcement and out of an abundance of caution, the CDPHE and the Colorado Joint Vaccine Task Force are alerting providers to temporarily pause use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. 

Press Release | April 9, 2021

CDPHE pauses COVID-19 vaccination at site in El Paso County while investigating concerns about vaccine storage

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment (CDPHE) paused administration of COVID-19 vaccines at Dr. Moma Health and Wellness Clinic in El Paso County as a result of irregularities in vaccine storage and handling.

Press release | April 9, 2021

State asks Coloradans to ‘Power the Comeback’

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) launched the “Power the Comeback” information campaign this week to continue to increase access to credible COVID-19 vaccine information, reduce hesitancy, and help Coloradans access appointments.

Press release | April 7, 2021

CDPHE expands at-home COVID-19 testing program to all public-facing employees

CDPHE announced today the expansion of the Binax At-Home rapid testing program to include all employees who interact with the public at their jobs across the state.

Public health order | April 5, 2021

Tenth Amended Public Health Order 20-36: COVID-19 Dial

This Order implements levels of restrictions for individuals, businesses and activities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 further in Colorado.

Executive order | April 4, 2021

Reference number: D 2021 080

Ordering the Temporary Suspension of Certain Statutes and Rules to Expand the Healthcare Workforce for Hospitals and Other Inpatient Treatment Facilities Due to the Presence of COVID-19

Executive order | April 3, 2021

Reference number: D 2021 079

Ordering Individuals in Colorado to Wear Non-Medical Face Coverings




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