Press Release

CDPHE to update COVID-19 hospital reporting to include reason for hospitalization

STATEWIDE (May 19, 2022) — The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will update its hospital data to improve COVID-19 reporting among hospitalizations as part of today’s regular 4 p.m. data update. In order to improve data transparency and provide the public with better hospitalization information, CDPHE requested and began receiving additional data about COVID hospitalizations from hospitals and health systems.

CDPHE updates data reporting to facilitate accuracy in national, third party reporting

STATEWIDE (April 27, 2022) — Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment announced a change in case data reporting to make it easier for third parties to accurately calculate and display Colorado’s COVID-19 case rates. Some third party outlets source their reporting from CDPHE’s case data, but report cases with prior infection dates on the date they were added to CDPHE’s data dashboard, not the date the cases occurred.