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woman applies reopening sticker to door, asks to social distance

Colorado’s ongoing mitigation guidance aims to help all businesses mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and prevent and respond to outbreaks. These guidelines and tools are meant to ensure that businesses can stay open while also protecting customers and employees from COVID-19.

 Fast facts

  • Getting vaccinated will reduce your risk of getting and spreading COVID-19.

  • Fully vaccinated people can go without masks in most settings. Unvaccinated people are still encouraged to wear masks. In some places, masks are required for people who haven’t been vaccinated. For more information about when and where to wear a mask, visit our Guidance for wearing masks webpage.

  • Smaller gatherings are safer than larger gatherings. Outdoor gatherings are safer than indoor gatherings.

  • Practice good hygiene. Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch your face.

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Keeping your business safe

If you own an eligible business/entity representing "Frontline Essential Workers" and you need assistance connecting with a COVID-19 vaccine provider or making a COVID-19 vaccination plan for your employees or members, please complete the Frontline Essential Worker Survey.

Frontline Essential Worker Survey

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