Social distancing space calculator

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This calculator is provided to assist you in planning social distancing for your employees and customers. However, the results given by this calculator do not relieve you of your obligation to follow all applicable Public Health Orders as they apply to your space. The configuration of any given space (aisles, racks, etc.) may result in a lower actual capacity limit. It is up to each business to ensure compliance with all portions of current orders.

In order to maintain at least 6 feet of separation from each other when taking into account the unpredictable dynamics of each person's movement, this calculator uses a 12-foot grid distribution. 

6 foot distance grid
12 foot distance grid


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Space - Due to the varying nature of use and shared facilities, each space within a building may need to be analyzed individually. Proprietors of shared spaces should account together for common areas within a larger area, including, but not limited to, entrances/exits and plan in partnership with others, to ensure all social distancing requirements can be met and maintained for staff and the public interacting within the shared space.

**Any codes, regulations, or ordinances requiring a smaller number of people must be followed. Use the links below to find space specifics and other requirements & recommendations per Business Sector.