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6 feet is about the length of skis. Infographic of skis lengthwise between people

Six Feet Away Skis


Infographic with 6 feet between two people.

Six Feet Away


Infographic with different types of community spread.

 Community Spread - Twitter


Infographic with three types of community spread.

Community spread - Instagram & Facebook


Social distancing levels. Inner circle is avoid, middle circle is use caution, outer circle is safe.

 Social distancing levels - Facebook & Instagram

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Under isolation is a blue icon with person in house. Under quarantine is red & blue person icon separated by blue line.

Isolation or quarantine?

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Infographic for when to call 911. Icons in red for when to call 911. Icons in blue for DO NOT call 911 for.

911 for Emergencies

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Infographic with icons for symptoms. Boxes with the directions & icons for isolation.

Symptoms? Directions for isolation. 

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large icon to left 1/3 with person in bed inside their house. Calendar icon next to 7 days.

Isolation if you are sick 

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Left half is large icon of person in red and blue separated by dashed line. Calendar at bottom by 14 days.

Quarantine if exposed 

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Photo of a teenage boy and girl sitting down laughing with one another.

Social distancing 101: I'm young; can I socialize?

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Woman shopping with back to camera, looking at rows of peppers and other vegetables..

Social distancing 101: Can I go to the supermarket?

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Little girl in a dress swinging on wooden swing. Photographed from behind

Social distancing 101: Can I take my kids to the playground? 

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circle of blue push pins surrounding and pointing at a single red pushpin

Stop stigma by learning and sharing the facts