Safer at Home: Best Practices for All Businesses, Essential and Non-essential








  • Deputize workplace coordinator(s) charged with addressing COVID-19 issues

  • Maintain 6-foot distancing when possible, and discourage shared spaces

  • Frequently sanitize all high-touch areas (Additional Guidance)

  • Post signage for employees and customers on good hygiene

  • Ensure proper ventilation (OSHA guidance)

  • Avoid gatherings (meetings, waiting rooms, etc) of more than 10 people

  • Implement symptom monitoring protocols (including workplace temperature monitoring and symptom screening questions) where possible (Additional Guidance)

    • Best practice is to implement a temperature check station at the entrance to the business. If this is not feasible, employee will check for symptoms at home and report symptoms either electronically or on paper per the system created by the business.

  • Eliminate or regularly sanitize any items in common spaces (i.e., break rooms) that are shared between individuals (i.e., condiments, coffee makers, vending machines)  (Additional Guidance)

  • Provide appropriate protective gear like gloves, masks, and face coverings and encourage appropriate use (Additional Guidance)


  • Require employees showing any symptoms or signs of sickness, or who has been in contact with known positive cases to stay home. Connect employees to company or state benefits providers

  • Provide flexible or remote scheduling for employees who need to continue to observe Stay-at-Home, who may have child or elder care obligations, or who live with a person who still needs to observe Stay-at-Home due to underlying condition, age, or other factor

  • Encourage and enable remote work whenever possible

  • Minimize all in-person meetings

  • Provide hand washing facilities/stations and hand sanitizer

  • Encourage breaks to wash hands or use hand sanitizer

  • Phase shifts, breaks to reduce employee density

  • Wear appropriate protective gear like gloves, masks, and face coverings and encourage appropriate use (Additional Guidance)

  • (Guidance to keep employees & customers safe)


  • Create special hours for people at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19

  • Encourage and facilitate 6-foot distancing inside of the business for all patrons

  • Face coverings are required to be worn in all public indoor spaces

  • Provide hand sanitizer at entrance

  • Install shields or barriers where possible between customers and employees

  • Use contactless payment solutions, no touch trash cans, etc. whenever possible

  • (Guidance to keep employees  and customers safe)