Winter storms across country delay vaccine shipments to Colorado

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REMOTE, (Feb. 16, 2021): Winter storms affecting a vaccine distribution hub in Tennessee have delayed vaccine shipments to several states this week. The delay impacts Colorado’s allocation of 133,000 vaccines that were expected to arrive today through Thursday. 

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is working with Colorado’s health care providers and local public health agencies across the state to make adjustments over the coming days to make sure appointments and clinics do not need to be canceled. In anticipation of the holiday weekend, Colorado requested and received doses Friday that were originally scheduled for this week. This decision helps us have enough on hand to work with providers to move doses around to prevent cancelations. 

Colorado, along with all other jurisdictions and federal entities and programs were impacted by the delay because the weather issues were occurring at the hubs. The state expects more information about when we will receive the vaccine as the weather clears and shipping operations resume.

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