State sends letters to vaccine providers and school superintendents, school leaders, and licensed child care providers

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REMOTE, (Feb. 5, 2021): The state’s COVID-19 Incident Commander Scott Bookman sent a letter to vaccine providers statewide today as part of the state’s ongoing communications with providers to ensure that the vaccine distribution process is as efficient as possible. Bookman also sent a letter to school superintendents, school leaders, and licensed child care providers. 


The letters provide guidance as the state moves into Phase 1B.2 on Feb. 8 and begins vaccinating 65+ year olds, as well as child care workers, PK-12 educators and school staff.   


The letter to providers:

  • Specifies that as the state moves through phases, people in previous phases remain eligible, and that providers should continue to prioritize Coloradans age 70+ to get vaccinated. 

  • Provides additional information about how PK-12 educators and qualified child care providers will receive vaccines including that through March 5, the state is allocating 30,000 doses per week for child care workers in licensed child care programs, PreK-12 teachers, and school staff. Because of the need to be equitable, and because we are unable to completely fill the dosage needed to vaccinate all school district employees at once, we are asking all school districts larger than 5,000 students to prioritize their staff and vaccinate ⅓ of their employees every week until complete.

  • Outlines a vaccine transfer process that ensures vaccines aren’t wasted. 

  • Collects weblinks and phone numbers for the public to contact providers. 

    • Federally qualified health centers and small community providers and clinics serving underserved communities may choose not to publish their registration information, but they must have another way to effectively communicate with their clients and others in the community whom they plan to serve with a vaccine. If this applies to your organization, please complete this form describing which populations you serve and how you plan to get the word out about your vaccination clinics. 

  • Introduces a new public health order requiring providers to report race/ethnicity data where possible to help inform equitable distribution of the vaccine. 


The letter to superintendents, school leaders, and licensed child care providers reiterates this information. 


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