Personal services

Last updated June 28, 2021.

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  • The individual or company must notify and cooperate with their local public health agency on next steps.

  • Local public health agency contacts can be found here.

  • Outbreak guidance for non-healthcare facilities can be found here.

Workspace guidance

  • Consider taking the Power the Comeback Business Pledge to promote a COVID-19-safe workplace.

  • Encourage employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Consider hosting an employee vaccination event through CDPHE’s workplace vaccination program.

  • Employ strict hygiene guidelines and frequent sanitization procedures for all contact surfaces and tools

  • Post signage for employees and customers outlining good hygiene and safety measures being taken

  • Keep a record of employees and customers (i.e. sign in/out) to enable contact tracing.

  • Clean regularly according to CDPHE’s cleaning guidance.


  • Conduct symptom and temperature checks and refer symptomatic employees or families to the Colorado COVID Symptom Support tool (Additional Guidance).

    • Best practice is to implement a temperature check station at the entrance to the business. If this is not feasible, employee will check for symptoms at home and report symptoms either electronically or on paper per the system created by the business.

  • Unvaccinated employees are strongly encouraged to wear masks.

  • Wear gloves as indicated by industry standards.

  • Wash hands and change gloves between customers.

  • Change gloves between pets in pet grooming facilities.

To protect customers

  • Consider recommending masks for unvaccinated customers, except during services that require mask removal.

  • Conduct symptom checks for customers seeking or receiving high-contact services (Additional Guidance).

This guidance is for:
  • Professional beauty services:

    • Hair salons.

    • Barber shops.

    • Nail salons.

    • Esthetician services.

    • Cosmetologist services.

  • Body art professionals.

  • Personal training services.

  • Pastoral services.

  • Pet groomers and pet grooming facilities.

  • Pet handlers and pet transporters.

  • Pet training services.

  • Tailors and dry cleaners.

  • Sun-tanning services.

  • Massage therapists in non-healthcare settings.