Press releases

July 31, 2020
State meets goal to decrease downward trend; highlights the importance of keeping up with routine vaccinations
July 30, 2020
The guidance provides specific steps a school should take in response to cases and outbreaks and outlines when classrooms, cohorts, and schools should close. It is a go-to manual for school leadership experiencing one or more cases of COVID-19. 
July 20, 2020
Districts will continue to work with local public health agencies on school plans appropriate for their communities

Blog posts

June 25, 2020
When the color of your skin correlates with your well-being and longevity, that is a public health injustice that must be addressed.
June 19, 2020
For the first time since 2008, I’ll be celebrating without a parade of thousands of people covered in hundreds of pounds of glitter.  By Ryan Howe, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment | June 19, 2020
June 17, 2020
For Kate and Katrina, staying home in a mixed-generation household was challenging. Space shrank and opportunities for alone time became rare as four adults were constantly in each others’ company.