LPHAs & health care providers

LPHAs and health care providers

  Health care providers

Telehealth, limited health care facilities, long-term facilities, residential care facilities, prevention and response plans.

  COVID-19 resources for health care providers and local public health agencies

Q&A for a variety of health professional information

  Crisis standards of care

Crisis Standards of Care plan; frameworks for medical, dental, hospital and veterinarian; activation form.

  Laboratory services

General information, testing, certification

  Communication resources

Social media graphics and print materials, videos and resources in other languages

  Local public health and partners

Public health orders, executive orders, local variances, press releases, guidance and resources, Health Equity Response Team

 Residential Care Strike Team  

The Residential Care Strike Team is composed of representatives of the Governor’s office and state agencies that play a role in regulating and supporting residential care facilities