Press Release

Colorado continues statewide COVID-19 vaccination information campaign

STATEWIDE (Jan. 14, 2022) — As part of the state’s ongoing strategies to promote awareness and acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment launched another phase of its information campaign. The new phase includes a multi-pronged marketing campaign designed to provide Coloradans with up-to-date information about vaccinations and correct key mis-conceptions about COVID-19 prevention.

Its audiences and messages include:

State transitions monoclonal antibody therapy buses to mobile testing sites

STATEWIDE (Jan. 13, 2022) — As a result of limited supply of monoclonal antibody treatments from the federal government, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will use its eight mobile monoclonal antibody therapy buses for testing. This will use state resources and capacity efficiently and respond to the increased demand in COVID-19 testing. The Denver monoclonal mobile site is now closed, and the remaining seven mobile monoclonal antibody therapy buses will go offline Jan. 15.

CDPHE and OIT resolve case data processing error on COVID-19 data dashboard

STATEWIDE (Jan. 10, 2022) — Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the state’s Office of Information Technology have resolved the case data processing issue that occurred last week. CDPHE’s electronic laboratory reporting system was not successfully communicating with our disease reporting system, from which the public case data is sourced.

CDPHE to send text messages reminding Coloradans to stay up to date on COVID-19 vaccines

STATEWIDE (Jan. 10, 2022) — Starting tomorrow, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment will send text message reminders to encourage Coloradans to stay up to date with their COVID-19 vaccinations. The state will send messages to people whose vaccine records in the Colorado Immunization Information System indicate they are due for a third dose (booster). CDPHE will send texts to people ages 18 and up who have received two doses of either the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at least five months ago and who have not yet received a third dose.

CDC updates timeline for third dose for individuals who received Moderna COVID-19 vaccine

STATEWIDE (Jan. 7, 2022) — Today, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) updated their recommended timeline for when people can get a third COVID-19 vaccine dose, shortening the minimum interval from 6 months to 5 months. This means that people can now receive a third dose of COVID-19 vaccine 5 months after completing their Moderna primary series.