Safer at Home: Be Smart, Save Lives

In the midst of this global pandemic, Coloradans have big questions.

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Illustration of man with surgical mask on ladder above a coronavirus looking with telescope.
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In the midst of this global pandemic, Coloradans have big questions.  What comes next? When will we see some of these restrictions relax? What will Colorado be like in the months ahead as we will live with this virus? Will it really last until there is a vaccine or cure? 

One thing we know for sure, if Colorado continues to be successful at staying home, the state will be able to begin relaxing restrictions. But it will take all of us to get there. 

So what does this look like? Governor Polis this week discussed the three levels of social distancing, which include: Staying at Home, Safer at Home and Protect our Neighbors. Colorado is moving into the Safer at Home phase, which is estimated to begin April 27. While we are at this level, Coloradans will no longer be ordered to stay home, but are still strongly encouraged to do so. Vulnerable populations and seniors must continue staying home except when absolutely necessary.  

Infographic shows the transition between physical distancing phases.

The physical distancing measures Colorado put in place have helped us bend the curve, slow the spread of illness, and protect our health care system. That’s exciting news, but there’s more work to do. Even when Colorado has passed its peak of cases, the virus will continue to be present in the community. Colorado will remain in the Safer at Home level of social distancing until case numbers indicate it is safe to further reduce restrictions. And, there may be a fluctuation between the levels to recover from outbreaks, meaning that Colorado could return to the Stay at Home level if there is a significant increase in cases or spread of the virus.

Coloradans have made a valiant effort to follow public health orders so far. We understand people are growing tired and are tempted to bend the rules. We all need to commit to following public health orders and restrictions throughout the coming months. Our efforts will help us from fluctuating back into the Stay at Home level of social distancing. If we don’t, the virus will come roaring back. More people will get sick, more will die, and our hospitals won’t be able to take care of them all. We need to be prepared for the long haul and slowly turn the dial of a dimmer switch brighter so we can get ourselves and our economy back on track safely.

Safer at home graphic shows two hands holding up a house