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Power the Comeback - How can my business/workplace get involved?

The state of Colorado is asking businesses to help Power the Comeback this summer by supporting employees who want to be vaccinated and promoting policies for COVID-safe workplaces. Vaccines are Colorado’s key to a future after the pandemic. After vaccination, Coloradans can go back to enjoying the things we like again safely. This is how we return to a more normal life.

Here’s how to get your business involved:
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Frequently asked questions

We invite businesses taking the pledge by committing to one or more of the activities that will help power Colorado’s comeback:

  • Host a vaccine clinic for employees. 
  • Share information about nearby vaccination clinics with employees and customers. 
  • Promote information about the Colorado law that mandates paid time off to get the vaccine and recover from vaccine side effects. 
  • Provide incentives for employees to get vaccinated (e.g., cash bonuses, additional paid time off, etc.). 
  • Have a policy in place that encourages any individual aged 12 and older, who is not fully vaccinated, to continue wearing a mask inside your workplace.

We invite all businesses to take the pledge and ensure a safe workplace for their employees and customers. Businesses that have already taken the pledge range from small local businesses with just a few employees to large national businesses, like United Airlines, Safeway, and King Soopers. Any business that wants to inspire confidence in their customers and keep their employees safe is encouraged to take the pledge.

No. The federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) does not apply to businesses that do not engage in any form of health care activity. It is not a violation of any federal or state law for a business to ask employees about their interest in vaccination.

No. It is not a violation of any federal or state law for a business to ask customers about their vaccination status. Customers may voluntarily share their vaccination status with a business if they choose to do so.

Yes. If a customer is unvaccinated or chooses not to share their vaccination status, a business may require mask-wearing. Businesses may refuse service to individuals not wearing masks if the business requires masks for entry.