COVID-19 Long-Term Care Vaccination

Last updated March 21, 2023.

Vaccination reporting

Reporting into Juvare/EMResource is required. First-time users should complete the EMResource access request form. Training/support materials by facility type is outlined in the EMResource guidance document. Facilities are required to report resident and staff COVID-19 vaccine doses into Juvare/EMResource when changes occur and as soon as possible after vaccine doses are completed.

Find out how many COVID-19 vaccine doses you need for the highest level of protection using CDPHE's COVID-19 vaccine calculator.

Long-term care facility vaccine clinic toolkit

This toolkit provides:

  • Guidance for vaccination.
  • CDPHE-approved resident letters/flyer/graphics.
  • Vaccine screening and administration forms (consent forms).
  • Vaccination considerations.
  • What to do after your COVID-19 vaccine clinic.
  • Reporting information.

Vaccination and treatment plans

Each facility must establish and maintain a COVID-19 mitigation, vaccine, and treatment plan that promotes confidence and acceptance. Facilities must continue to offer vaccinations and access to treatments to all consenting staff and residents. A template for this plan is available in the guidance for nursing homes and intermediate care facilities, as well as assisted living residences and group homes under the heading Vaccination. At a minimum, this information must include:

  • How the facility assesses and addresses the vaccination status of new staff and residents;
  • Identification of designated staff who coordinate vaccination information, administration, and tracking of the vaccination status of staff and residents on an ongoing basis;
  • Ongoing measures to promote vaccine confidence and acceptance; 
  • Vaccination status of all current staff and residents, and;,
  • Name and location of the COVID-19 vaccine and treatment provider(s) that will be used by your facility to get vaccines and treatments.

Information must be kept current by the facility and presented for review upon request during health facility inspections. Facilities that need help completing the plan should email

Additionally, EMResource/Juvare must be updated with the COVID-19 Vaccine Provider and COVID-19 Treatment Provider used by your facility. 

Highly recommended: Facility COVID-19 vaccination coordinators and backup coordinators should complete Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) training and obtain access to the CIIS system by following these start to finish steps and these instructions. Additionally, see the CIIS Enrollment Requirement Presentation and this CIIS General User Training page. Email the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) team at

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Continuing vaccination

CDPHE outlined the following next steps for residential and long-term care facilities to continue vaccinations:

  • The facility identifies residents and/or staff requiring vaccination (we encourage you to work with other LTC facilities in geographic areas to run coordinated clinic(s), when possible, to meet vaccine minimums).

  • The facility contacts the LTC pharmacy or retail pharmacy it typically uses for routine resident medications to determine vaccine availability.  

  • If the LTC pharmacy or retail pharmacy the facility typically uses is unable to meet the request or the facility does not have a relationship with an LTC pharmacy or retail pharmacy, the facility contacts a LTC pharmacy from this mapped  list of LTC pharmacies willing to service facility location (geographically). Alternatively, here is a list of providers (.pdf). 

  • LTC pharmacy fulfills request and schedules vaccinations with the facility contact (or in some instances LTC pharmacy provides vaccine/vital supplies and facility nurse(s) vaccinates identified residents and/or staff at facility).

  • If LTC pharmacies near a facility location are unable to meet the request, the facility should use CDPHE’s vaccine finder page to locate another provider. Residents and staff who are able to go to an offsite vaccine clinic can also use this resource to locate available options.

  • If unable to locate a vaccinator through available resources provided, email

Becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider

If your facility or LTC pharmacy would like to become a COVID-19 vaccine provider, email to get started. CDPHE's vaccine provider webpage has additional details about becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider.